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Serving the Recreational Needs of Our Community Since 1948

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WGRC is excited to announce Fitness Club, run by a certified youth fitness trainer! Fitness Club will be available to oncoming (Fall 2024) Kindergarten - 8th grade West Geauga students and community members.

Some of the types of Fitness Club activities you can expect include:
Trail Running, obstacle course work based off jungle gyms and trails, light strength training using bodyweight and things like tires, rolling rain barrels, and other conditioning, yet fun, exercises. Agility work using cones, and other activities like ladders, relays, and games!  
At the end of the season, we will have a a mud run of 1-2 miles for the kids with ~10 obstacles!


Sessions will be 2x a week:
Thursday Nights from 6:00 - 7:30pm.
Sunday Afternoons from 1:00- 2:30pm.

Sessions will be at the Rec Council Campground, behind the West G Middle School.


Program cost is $85


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